Bulk needs passionate people in London, Denmark and Norway

Looking forward with excitement to 2019, the executives at Bulk Infrastructure, CEO Jon Gravråk and Chairman & Founder Peder Nærbø are clear on two things. We have a great team in place and we need more great people to join the race in London, Denmark and Norway.

- Bulk has made significant investments in data centers and fiber systems that are now coming live to accelerate the digital transformation in the Nordics and Europe. Even before any marketing efforts, we see a strong and growing demand for our services. In 2019 we will run full speed to serve new customers and continue to scale our infrastructure, says CEO Jon Gravråk at Bulk Infrastructure. 

Gravråk was appointed as the company’s new CEO in 2018. His own experience as a new hire makes him confident that Bulk has attractive opportunities to aspirational and passionate people who wants to make a change.

- I joined Bulk for three major reasons. I wanted to take part in a visionary journey to build a more sustainable future, to work with big scale opportunities and to be part of tightly knit team with great people. So far, the experience has been even better than I was hoping for. The potential of Bulk is bigger than I dared imagine and the sense of having joined a winning team feels good every day, says Gravråk.

Bulk Infrastructure is fast growing. The company, which launched in 2006, is a start-up becoming a teenager. Bulk has developed 400,000 square meters of industrial buildings, building large (sub-sea) fiber connectivity systems as well as established two scalable datacenter sites and developing more sites as we speak. The company now consists of roughly 60 Bulkies with expertise ranging from engineering and power solutions to sales and investments. 

- As the industry and our company continue to grow fast, we need both to develop our own people and to find more skilled and passionate people to join the team. Bulk will offer exciting opportunities in a variety of areas including sales & marketing, engineering and operations, fiber networks as well as finance and investments, says Peder Nærbø.

Bulk is a passionate group of people that believes in the impossible. 

- Be respectful, be passionate and be creative. These are our values. These help us always look for innovative solutions, always challenge legacy thinking, always look for partners to team up with and always remember to believe in the impossible. If you feel part of these and you bring exciting competence or experience, I am sure we have challenges waiting for you, says Nærbø.

- With all this opportunity, how can I know if there’s something for me and how do I get in touch?

- If you’re interested in Bulk, please get in touch via career@bulk.no. For great people, we will create great opportunities. We will also start posting new specific positions on our LinkedIn page in the beginning of next year. We want to strengthen our team with experienced leaders and young talent, and we hope to hear from all of you, says Gravråk.