Bulk participated in a round table discussion at the Ministry of Transport and Communications

 Today Bulk Infrastructure’s Owner and Chairman, Peder Nærbø participated in a Round Table discussion at the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications. The topic discussed was “Fiber cables abroad and dark fiber”.  Approximately 50 infrastructure stakeholders, representatives from the data centre industry as well as political representatives from three other Ministries (Petroleum and Energy, Finance and Trade) were present.

We appreciate this initiative from State Secretary Reynir Jôhannesson. Norway has a great opportunity when it comes to creating a new, power demanding industry within the data centre business, but the time has come to strenghten the necessary «digital highways, said Peder Nærbø.

State Secretary Jôhannesson said today’s input will be followed up during the next months.

We will continue the dialogue with the stakeholders represented here today, and I will invite you for further discussions at the end of the year. I hope that we’ll be able to move this discussion forward, Jôhannesson said.

Peder Nærbø speaks at The Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communication