Why Bulk

Bulk Infrastructure is a leading provider of sustainable digital infrastructure in the Nordics. We are an investor, developer and operator of industrial real estate, data centers and dark fiber networks. We believe in the value creation opportunity of enabling our digital society to be fully sustainable. Hence our vision: Racing to bring sustainable infrastructure to a global audience.

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Our data center value proposition

Bulk has a portfolio of assets, capabilities and partners to serve any data center customer requirement in a fast, secure, cost efficient and sustainable way. We operate scalable facilities across the Nordics and continue to add new sites to our portfolio with access to strategically located land.

We have in-house expertise in data center design, engineering and operations that, combined with our industrial real estate development experience and dark fiber network deployments, allow us to shape the full value chain and lifecycle of the data processing infrastructure. We can provide solutions to customers in need of 100's of MW and those who need of just a few server racks.

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Our combined experience from industrial real estate development (30-40 thousand sqm developed every year since 2006) and inhouse data center teams makes us a flexible and fast mover. Offering the shortest time to market requires an integrated approach that leverages both assets, experience and a proven methodology.

Time to market can deliver competitive advantage for our customers and we have a proven experience in delivering flexible solutions that adhere to strict timelines and recognized international standards.

Our internal dedicated Data Center teams will work to secure land parcels, develop all zoning and permitting, develop the design and specifications for our facilities, and manage and oversee delivery. All these steps will be handled seamlessly, leading to handover to our dedicated operations team.

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Dark Fiber

We own and control dark fiber infrastructure with the purpose of enabling the Nordics for large scale data processing. Our fiber infrastructure is modern with high capacity including both subsea and terrestrial systems. We can offer dark fiber to data center customers and others that want to produce bandwidth services on top of our infrastructure. We consider ourselves as a pure infrastructure player within fiber, being a partner rather than a competitor with traditional carriers. Bulk has thousands of km of dark fiber available, including both intercontinental and intra-Nordic infrastructure that links to main European markets as well as the US. We continue to explore new subsea and terrestrial fiber routes that could be strategic enablers for data center growth in the Nordics

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We provide this SLA confident that we have redundancy in our design solutions, high-quality equipment and well-tried operational procedures, as well as the skilled technicians to back it up. To prove that we can live up to our ambitions, Bulk has earned several ISO certificates ranging from 9001 (Quality) to 22301 (Business Continuity) including 14001* (Environmental management), and others e.g, 27001 (Information Security) and Breeam.
* Bulk's Industrial Real Estate business line

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Meeting our customers' needs

At Bulk Infrastructure, we are respectful, passionate and creative.

These are our values, and they guide us to help our customers every day. We are a tight-knit team with strong culture and short decision paths.

Most of our employees are also owners of the company. We are all here to build something great, something we can be proud of, and something that makes the future more sustainable. Whether we work as a cooling expert, controller, DC site manager or CEO – we all go to work to meet our customer's needs.