Fiber Networks

Bulk owns and controls dark fiber infrastructure with the purpose of enabling the Nordics for large scale data processing. Our fiber infrastructure is modern with high capacity, including both subsea and terrestrial systems. We can offer dark fiber to data center customers and others who want to produce bandwidth services on top of our infrastructure.

We consider ourselves to be a pure infrastructure player within fiber, working as a partner rather than a competitor with traditional carriers. Bulk has thousands of km of dark fiber available, including intercontinental and intra-Nordic infrastructure that links to main European markets as well as the US. We continue to explore new subsea and terrestrial fiber routes that could be strategic enablers for data center growth in the Nordics.

Image for Havfrue

Havfrue Cable System

Bulk has ownership in the new Havfrue Cable System connecting the US to the Nordics. Our fiber infrastructure supports large scale data processing in the Nordics, and we have intra-Nordic connectivity and modern subsea fiber routes from Denmark and Norway to Ireland, the UK and the US (Havfrue) as part of our portfolio. We have a deep understanding of data processing requirements and a comprehensive overview of established and planned fiber infrastructure (our own and others) across the Nordics. This makes us a strong partner for discussing Nordic establishments related to digital infrastructure.

Image for Havhingsten


Bulk has ownership in the "Havhingsten" fiber optic submarine cable system, linking Ireland, Isle of Man, UK and Denmark. The cable is scheduled for installation in Q3, 2020. Together with Havfrue, this subsea cable system opens possibilities for utilizing the Nordics's vast surplus of renewable energy in addition to creating diverse routes to Nordic and European markets.

Image for Skagerrak4


Bulk can offer multiple fiber pairs on the Skagerrak4 fiber cable to provide connectivity between Kristiansand, Norway and Tjele in Denmark. The Skagerrak4 cable is currently the largest fiber capacity between Norway and Denmark and it connects directly to Bulk's N01 Campus in Kristiansand. Through partners, Bulk will also be able to connect between Skagerrak4 and Bulk's Danish data center DK01 in Esbjerg.

Image for Inter City Ring, Norway

Inter City Ring, Norway

Bulk's ownership in Norway's Inter-city Ring connects the major cities of Norway: Oslo, Kristiansand, Stavanger and Bergen.

Image for Metro Ring

Metro Ring

Additionally, we have smaller terrestrial dark fiber systems, e.g., an Oslo metro ring and redundant fiber routes into our data centers.

Our fiber portfolio has been established and is being operated in partnership with multiple specialized players within terrestrial infrastructure (e.g., railroads), subsea fiber construction, communications services, network builders, large scale customers, etc. We are always looking for new partnership opportunities to build more strategic fiber routes, and are proud of our reputation as efficient and easy to cooperate with partners in complex projects like these.

We are happy to share more information about any part of our Fiber Networks business. Please make contact.