Data Centers

Bulk is a leading developer, operator and owner of data centers across the Nordics. We focus on delivering flexible sustainable solutions for our customers for the lowest total cost of ownership. By developing sites located close to some of the world's highest capacity, with the most resilient and 100% renewable substations, we are able to offer the most flexible solutions for our customers.

Multiple locations in the Nordics

Our site and location offerings combine highly connected carrier locations. Our central Oslo data center, our regional European data center in Western Denmark (which serves key markets and Network points), and our Norway data center campus provide the most sustainable and flexible data center solutions in Europe.

Image of N01 Campus

Our proven track record as a leading industrial real estate developer across the Nordics, combined with our data center solutions and extensive fiber infrastructure means we are ready to partner with you and can deliver complete reliability. We are helping to unlock the potential of the Nordics for our customers.

Image of Oslo Internet Exchange (OS-IX)

Green data centers with renewable energy

The Nordics have a strong renewable energy mix and the world's most resilient electricity grid. Our data centers are provided with zero-emission power from real hydropower and wind with the lowest electricity prices in Europe. The Nordic region benefits from a cold climate, has stable political conditions and a growing network of redundant fiber connectivity. Our ambition is to be the go-to player for anyone who wants to leverage the Nordics for data processing requirements of the future, whether in Denmark, Sweden or Norway. We are builders and operators, and our goal is to deliver the most effective customer solutions faster than anyone else, either in our existing data center sites or in special-purpose new builds. Connect with us and let's explore how we can help you!

Image of DK01

Professional data management

Our Data Center organization consists of three main teams: Project & Design, Operations (including smart hands services) and Sales & Marketing. The Project and Operations teams have decades of experience in designing and operating data center facilities in the Nordics, both at our own sites and at customer facilities. Our sites are led by a local site manager and a skilled staff employed by Bulk or partners such as CBRE.

We have in-house expertise in critical competence areas such as design, high and low voltage electricity, cooling, communications networks, IT and security. Our sales team handles our full portfolio of sites and services and works closely with our operational staff to make sure our customers have an excellent experience, from the sales and installment processes to any and all other phases of operations.