Data Center Services

Our data centers offer colocation facilities to customers requiring excellent connectivity, with several independent fiber pathways into the building to ensure high resilience and meet the demands of high availability and diverse connectivity.

Major national and international fiber operators can provide communication capacity at speeds up to 100Gb/s, and dark fiber out of the country on request.

To ease the process of getting connected, the data center customers and fiber operators will be able to connect to a state of the art layer 1 optical fiber switching system, which automates the process of connecting with other tenants within the building.

When two tenants present on the optical fiber switch agree to connect, the connection is made automatically on layer 1 within the switch. No additional patching or physical connections needed.

In the customer portal the data center customers access information related to the building, their SLA, technical specifications and other documents related to the service.

The customer portal will also contain statistics showing the customer's live and historical energy consumption in their data halls. Any outage, planned or unplanned, will be reported live in the customer portal.

Through the ticketing system on the portal the customer can report anomalies or make requests regarding their existing service.

The OS-IX building has been a connectivity hub for data communication in Norway for over a decade. With multiple fiber operators present, and redundant physical pathways, OS-IX is the natural choice of any provider that require high availability for their services.

Customers in the OS-IX data center are free to choose fiber providers or number of service providers present in the building for their data communication. With automated optical layer 1 fiber switching, physical connectivity in the building is swift and easy.