About Bulk


Racing to bring sustainable infrastructure to a global audience

We believe that sustainability

 is not a trend.

We believe it’s a global race. 

It is a race we cannot afford to lose.

We can can only win this race if

we work together and have

the same goal.

Every day.

Join the race -  welcome to BULK!


Our values are expressing the power of Bulk Infrastructure. They are the core and essence in everything we do. Our values are motivating and guiding us to make our best efforts in our business activities and cooperation internally and externally. We are committed to live our values through words and action.

-be caring
-act with integrity
-act responsible
-be ethical
-act sustainable

-be action-oriented
-be opportunity-driven
-make changes for the better
-be innovative and thinking outside the box
-be competent

-have the strength to fight a storm
-be able to show emotions
-be dedicated to carry things through
-be driven by motivation
-be passionate in everything we do