About Bulk

Bulk was initiated in 2006 with key focus on property development in Bulk Eiendom AS. Bulk Eiendom has until 2014 been the only real estate developer in Norway to focus 100% on logistic properties. Bulk Eiendom has developed a considerable portfolio of logistic projects which represent approximately 250 000 m2 over the last eight years.

In December 2014 Bulk announced its plans how to become Norway's leading data center property developer after several years of analysis and research.


On 27th of November 2007 Bulk Eiendom signed with Posten Norge for 34 000 m2 warehouse at Berger. From left founders of Bulk Eiendom Torbjørn T. Moe, Trygve Roald and Peder Nærbø. From right Erik Mørch and Arne Bjørndahl, Posten Norge.