About Bulk

Bulk is an industrial group with operations within the areas of Real Estate Logistics, Real Estate Data Center, Data Center Services and Fiber Infrastructure.

Bulk has a long term investment approach when entering projects with predefined steps for development to enhance shareholders values.

Bulk has several investment criteria:

Diversification: investing in businesses with low market correlation.

Industrial approach: long-term investment perspective with focus on standardisation and scalability at the right time.

Cash flow: create predictable long-term income.

Active ownership: owner has controlling influence on the Company's investments. 

Human resources: internal versatile expertise where specialists from different disciplines form teams to ensure creativity, good solutions and enhance value creation. 

The Company believes its investment criteria will ensure good investment decisions. Its objective is to diversify risk by investing across multiple projects at the same time. The Company has an opportunistic investment approach and the ability to shift its focus rapidly when the market changes.



XXL's main warehouse in Sweden, built by Bulk Infrastructure